Who is P.T.T. productions?

We are a DJ & Live Event company based out of the West Kootenays, with plans of expansion to the Okanagan area. Our high-quality equipment accompanied by professional staff will be sure to exceed your expectations at your next event!

The PTTP Crew


At a young age, I showed my interest in audio and music while I was in church, watching the sound tech's as the musicians performed. I have expanded my knowledge throughout the years, and my passion has grown with it.

I attended school for Audio Engineering & Music Production in 2015/16 at Okanagan College, and have been working in the industry ever since. I have worked with multiple production companies in the area, as well as the Charles Bailey Theatre, totaling over 50 DJ and live events. including some big names, such as The Stampeders, the Jim Cuddy Band, and Barney Bentall.

In my spare time, I produce music under the artist name LoBinski. I first started messing around with music production with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in 2009. I have learned so much over the years and I strive to learn new things everyday.


It is the power to control your own destiny.         You are PeaceTreeTea productions.

I've always been really into music but never really been a musical person. I'm the type of person to spend way too much money on a pair of headphones just because I want that extra clarity in my sound. Music is where I find the most peace. 

I went and got my Bachelor of Science in Biology which really comes in handy in the sound & lighting industry. Regardless, I have always been drawn to business type endeavors and what better than a project in which I could share my love of music. The first time I attended an event as someone working it rather than attending it I was nervous but everything ran smoothly with the knowledge and expertise of Logan. Long story short, I was hooked. Providing the sound & lighting to an event and making sure the evening is great is a surreal feeling.

And that's where we are today.