Entry level guitar lessons, creative writing sessions, and simply learning to relax through musical meditation is everything I provide. 

First session is an hour long and completely free. That's right, completely free! 

My name is Brody Thompson, and this is what I want to do with this life.


I am new to the Okanagan area and I'm looking to connect my creative community. I have reached a certain freedom through musical expression and I believe I have much to offer when it comes to teaching people how to manifest their own inner artisan.

Schedule an appointment today, I am willing to commute to wherever you are willing to hold the lesson.

Instead of trying to navigate to my abode, I come to you. Thus, eliminating the hassle and stress of arriving on schedule, that's up to me!

Any questions? Contact me! I would be glad to answer.

Recently hired me? Leave a review. All feedback is much appreciated.