Do you love to sing but have no idea where to begin in terms of recording? Do you love to play instruments but get lost when it comes to the production side of things? Do you love music and want to be more involved?     

Please, let us help!

We will work with you to create whatever musical masterpiece you have envisioned!
We will be with you every single step of the way,
from initial lyric writing to actively promoting your music; we will be there! You have our guarantee!

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Attraction to Madness

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Attraction to Madness is the creative combination of all of our members! If you choose to join us at PeaceTreeTea, you will most likely be featured in Attraction to Madness. This band is about being daring, exploring new avenues of music, creating great music, and overall having a great time while doing it. We are a culmination of chaos, friendship and weed. We are but a couple of goons from Canada who like to make music, what more can we say? 


I feel like you have this attraction to madness.

Brody Thompson

22 years in the making, and its all come down to this. I've been engrained in the music scene since I was born. My first memory consists of sitting in a carseat, my aunt teaching me the words to The Real Slim Shady. My dad was in a cover band when I was 5, and the feeling of even watching people perform invigorated me. To melodically orchestrate your life is to free yourself from your selves. Throughout our existence, we metamorphasize into everything we need to become, and PeaceTreeTea for me is the outlet for the art of setting yourself free.


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I've been an avid lover of music since the age of 12 when I first learned how to play an instrument. More recently, I stumbled into music production and really found my niche. I moved to Kelowna, B.C where I studied audio engineering & music production.